Coeliac / Gluten Free Life

Finnish Coeliac Society

Finnish Youth Coeliacs – Finnish Youth Coeliacs is a separate group functioning under the Finnish Coeliac Society and meant for coeliacs between ages 16 and 28.

Suunta – This website contains stories and blogs written by people with coeliac disease, psychologists’ perspectives, thought exercises and insightful comic strips and videos. – Map of gluten free restaurants, cafés and hotels around Finland, and from around the world.

Shops & Products

NONE Shop – An eco lifestyle shop and gluten free café as well as catering business based in Kamppi, Helsinki. They offer gluten free breakfast, lunch to eat in or take out and also catering for any occasion. Their food is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.


Other gluten free bakers

Chocolate & Quinoa – French born Vanessa Leskinen is a gluten free baker based in Helsinki. She shares her recipes on her blog and in baking courses. Her recipes and bakes with a French touch are often also refined sugar free, some also dairy free or vegan.


Sami Tallberg – Sami is a forager and chef specialized in ultra seasonal, local and often wild food with passion for vegetarian food.

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