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Pink Mousse is about food, tasty and seasonal gluten free food and baking, and my journey.

I am a single mother of a wonderful little girl, living in Helsinki, and I have a passion for making and eating good food. I am Pink Mousse.

Through self-testing I found out that many of my health problems started to disappear when I switched to a gluten free diet. Before I started testing different diets I asked doctors what was wrong with me. They said I was fine. Well, my once crazy wild curls were gone, only some long strands here and there left, the rest had fallen out or broken off. My body was bloated, I had rashes everywhere, I couldn’t stand my own smell and I really don’t want to talk about what went down the toilet… Being fine feels, looks and smells different from where I was standing.

In the end, going gluten free was the only solution. Going gluten free also opened a whole new world of foods, a world of many wrongs. Finland felt like paradise for someone with allergies, and compared to other countries it really is. But once I got to testing the gluten free stuff I was disappointed, the taste was just not to my liking and the content list was even worse. Gluten free food should be healthier, cleaner, and not have more e-codes, sugars and starches and ten times more ingredients than any regular food. And then the cost…

That’s when I thought: OK girl, there’s a challenge for you. And I took the challenge on. I started to write my own recipes, change my favourite dishes to gluten free, experiment and discover many new things because I want good, clean and tasty food. I want to share that food with my little girl, my friends and family. I like to throw parties and I want to offer great stuff to eat. I don’t want them to think “Oh boy, we’re having allergy food again”. I want people to NOT notice a difference, except that it actually tastes better.

One of the main benefits of going gluten free was, that I woke up again. Last spring the constant weariness started to lift its veil and with the summer sun the energy came back. With the energy came the desire to eat even better, the need for local seasonal produce grew and one of the sources for all that lay right in front of my doorstep at our summerhouse: Nature. Together with my mother and my girl we started to explore the wild herbs around our house, in the woods and fields, we picked berries and mushrooms all summer long. A book I bought inspired me even more. Since then I’ve been experimenting, cooking, baking and eating like crazy.

My daughter was the inspiration for Pink Mousse, and here we are now. Through Pink Mousse I want to share my thoughts, my experiences and most of all my recipes with you. I want to show you that gluten free food can be easy to make and great in taste. I know, not all of you out there are following a dietary trend, for many of you a gluten free life is not a choice, it is a necessity. I would also like to show you, and those who have someone with celiac disease in their family or circle of friends, that it is easy to make food everyone can eat. I hope that my recipes will inspire you to be a part of, or to offer those with celiac disease and other food allergies, a healthy social life again, a life where friends and family enjoy food again, together.

I am looking forward to an exciting journey in the world of food, to learning new things about wild food, developing new recipes and sharing it all with you. I hope you are excited too and will follow, cook, bake and comment actively.


PS: All my recipes are gluten free. I also try to take other food allergies into account, therefore I am planning to provide specific information on allergens on every recipe, but I’m still working on that.

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